Can-Am Maverick Tail/Sport/XMR (2017-Current) Chasing Halos with Remote

Add style and personality to your Can-Am Maverick Tail/Sport/XMR (2017-Current) with the Chasing Halo with Remote lighting feature! With over 200 programming modes available, you can customize your vehicle’s lights to create a truly unique look. Want a solid color? Choose from standard options like White, Red, Blue, or Green, all of which are guaranteed to turn heads as you cruise past! Or take it a step further with clockwise and counterclockwise rotations using the remote – the perfect way to make sure that your ride always stands out! Upgrade today and light up the night in style on your Can-Am Maverick Tail/Sport/XMR (2017-Current)!


1000 in stock


Kit will include:

  • 2 Halos 
  • Switch
  • Remote- NOT compatible with Bluetooth 
  • Instructions