Can-Am Maverick Tail/Sport/XMR (2017-Current) Chasing Halos 2.0

Are you ready to join the chase? The Can-Am Maverick Tail/Sport/XMR (2017-Current) Chasing Halo 2.0 kit is here to bring your off-roading game up a notch! What’s more fun than having colored lights that spin around your vehicle? This kit makes it easy by providing everything you need: two Halos, a switch, and Bluetooth compatibility for the ultimate in customization. Now you can go anywhere from Grand Turismo mode (changing colors every few seconds) to All Solid mode (one color all through) with just a few clicks. A perfect pairing for your off-road adventures, the Can-Am Maverick Tail/Sport/XMR (2017-Current) Chasing Halo 2.0 kit will have you chasing after dusk! Ready, set, get ready for some colorfully wild rides!



Kit will include:

  • 2 Halos 
  • Switch
  • Bluetooth compatible only- NOT compatible with REMOTE 
  • Instructions


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