Yamaha 700 Kodiak Purple Halos

Make your ATV stand out from all the rest with Yamaha 700 Kodiak Purple Halo Lights! This kit includes two halos, a switch, adhesive, two power blocks to make for easy connections, and full instructions so you can install in minutes. Whether you’re an ATV rider or an outdoor enthusiast, this is going to give your machine a winning look that everybody will be talking about! The purple hue is perfect for amplifying any situation – it’s like taking the party wherever you go. Light up your ride and experience the outdoors differently with some added flare. Get those Purple Halo Lights today – their awesome power will transform your ride entirely!



By Categories: SKU: Y700K-CH-PUR

Kit will include:

  • 2 Halos
  • Switch
  • Adhesive
  • 2 power blocks for an easy connection of wires
  • Instructions


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