Yamaha 450 Grizzly Red Halo

The Yamaha 450 Grizzly Red Halo kit is packed with everything you need to hit the trails with some extra light. This kit includes two halos, a switch, adhesive, two power blocks for easy connection of wires, and detailed instructions so you can have the job done in no time. Whether you’re out for some family-friendly fun or pushing yourself on the toughest of trails, these lights will help make sure nothing stands in your way. Make sure to head into those darkest of nights with confidence and get ready for a wild ride—the Yamaha 450 Grizzly Red Halo ATV Lights is here!


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By Categories: SKU: Y450G-CH-RED

Kit will include:

  • 2 Halos
  • Switch
  • Adhesive
  • 2 power blocks for an easy connection of wires
  • Instructions