Soft Shackles

Introducing Soft Shackles! Our game-changing product is the perfect partner for any off-road adventure. These lightweight and versatile shackles make it easy to secure your winch, machine, or trailer — no matter how challenging the terrain seems. With a 5/16″ diameter and 4″ length, plus an impressive 11,700 lb breaking strength, our soft shackles wrap around any object with ease — from recovery points to roll bars, axles and bumpers. Why use bulky metal shackles when you can get the job done in style with Soft Shackles? Not only are they safer for everyone involved (seriously — no more lugging around unwieldy metal!), but they’re also available in fun colors like blue, green, grey and orange. Put some pep in your step when you hit the trails with FAR Mudding Soft Shackles!



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Soft Shackles Color

Blue, Green, Grey, Orange


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