Rear Halos Renegade All Models

Rear Halos from FAR Mudding are the perfect way to dress up your tail lights and add an eye-catching accent to your ATV. Our options are easy to install and come in five color choices – red, blue, green, white, and amber!

Choose one of our 3 options for halos to give your Can-Am Renegade that extra oomph. The first is a halo around the brake light. It will add an instant pop of color while also adding extra visibility when braking. The second option is a halo around the existing reflector. This decorative rim will make sure anyone behind you has noticed that you have made a statement with this product upgrade. And finally, you can replace the existing reflector with a LED Reflector for maximum style and safety on the road.

Don’t miss out on the perfect addition for any renegade fan! Check out FAR Mudding today and get ready to transform your ride with our Rear Halos!



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