Polaris Ranger 800/700/500/570/400 Bluetooth Chasing Halo

Introducing Polaris Ranger Bluetooth Chasing Halos – the ultimate experience for ATV riders! This innovative product is designed to make your off-roading fantasies come true.

With over 200 programmable modes, customize your ride with bright, colorful LEDs that pulsate, rotate clockwise and counterclockwise, or stay a solid color. Pound out soundtracks of your journey using light with this unique addition to your Polaris Ranger. Whether you’re on a rugged 4×4 trail in some tourist hot spot or in the comfort of your own backyard, let the lights take over! Don’t worry about sudden stops either; these halos continue their chase even when you turn your device off or hit the brakes.

Make every excursion an adventure with Polaris Ranger Bluetooth Chasing Halos and promote healthy recreation for adults and kids alike! Get yours today and feel like you’re on top of the world.



By Categories: SKU: PR-400-800-CHB


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