Can-Am Renegade (All Models) Chasing Halos 2.0

Amp up the excitement on your Can-Am Renegade with FAR Mudding’s 2.0 Chasing Halos kit! This easy-to-use setup will make your ride look wild and especially colorful! Our 2.0 kit rotates clockwise and counterclockwise in various modes, including options to choose any color you want for each halo. So you can design a sweet custom look – one red, one blue, one green, one yellow, have all four Chase or go with a cool solid color! Plus, it’s also Bluetooth compatible so no fussing with wiring or a remote control. Keep the party going wherever you may go! The kit includes 4 halos, switch, adhesive and instructions, making installation a breeze! Let’s get ready to take your Can-Am Renegade to the next level – order now and let the chasing begin!


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By Categories: SKU: CAR-CH2
Kit will include:
  • 4 halos
  • Switch
  • Adhesive
  • Bluetooth compatible only- NOT compatible with REMOTE 
  • Instructions