Can-Am Outlander L/570 XMR/450 4 Red Halos

Check out this Can-Am Outlander Red Halo Kit from FAR Mudding! This kit includes four red halos and a switch to really make your ride pop. The kit also comes with adhesive, two power blocks, and easy-to-follow instructions—everything you need for installing these rocking halos.

These bad boys will turn heads! With a bold red hue, they won’t just be seen—they’ll dominate the mud tracks. Plus, they work for both the Outlander models L/570 or XMR/450. This awesome Can-Am Outlander Red Halo Kit has everything you need to make your ride one of a kind. Get yours now!



By Categories: SKU: CAO-L570-XMR450-4CH-RED

Kit will include:

  • 4 Halos
  • Switch
  • Adhesive
  • 2 Power blocks
  • Instructions


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